RayGunn Reviews the Mappy My Arcade Mini Cabinet!

Hey Arcaders!

I know it’s Pac-Man month, but I have a video review of another Namco game- and one of my favorites- MAPPY!

I had a Mappy upright cabinet for many years in my collection, and I’ve been a huge Mappy Fan for years. UberNerd found this My Arcade handheld- I had to do a review!

Enjoy- and Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!




Greetings, Fellow Arcaders!

I have been waiting almost 40 YEARS for this to Start!

So- as you may have noticed, we did a little redecorating here at the Archives! It’s a birthday celebration for a character, a family, and a series of games that re- defined the arcade industry from the moment he arrived on the scene.

Who’s he?

He- is Pac- Man.

And if you don’t know who Pac- Man is…

You need to leave your official Arcader Badge at the door.

He. Changed. Everything.

Wanna see? Ok.

Lets take a trip back to the 1970s.

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Pac-Man Fever Music Video By Buckner & Garcia!

Hey, Arcaders!

Time for a music video!

This one comes to us from 1982- courtesy of American Bandstand! Jerry and Gary never released any music videos back then (at least I don’t think so) but, they did this one show. For those of you that weren’t around back then- American Bandstand was a music show on Saturday afternoons that would have a live audience while the bands performed for them. it was hosted by the legendary Dick Clark. This was just after the release of the Pac-Man Fever album- at the height of the craziness (as you’re about to see!) Let me know if you remember this episode in the comments!

Enjoy- and Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


Tales From The Game Grid #11

Tales 11 finished

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Raygunn Dreams Of Dream Machine!

Hey fellow Arcaders!

Ross from Poughkeepsie had a question for me about the Dream Machine Arcade at South Hills Mall in that very town (The first arcade I worked in!)

Ross writes- “You wouldn’t happen to have any pics or memorabilia from Dream Machine would ya? I used to go there when I was a kid. Just awesome bro!” 

Well Ross, The Dream Machine Arcade holds a special place in my heart not just as the first arcade I worked in, but the first TRUE mall arcade I had ever been in. 3 floors of arcade goodness!

Yup- dream Machine did it all right- look at those banners!

Dream Machine was established in 1973 in Massachusetts, and quickly expanded into malls all over the northeast. I had 2 near me- Dutchess Mall in Fishkill, NY,  and the one that was at South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie, NY  (that expanded into two after the Park Place Roller Rink closed in 1983.) South Hills  was the one I worked at. It was a bright, colorful arcade with mirrored ceilings everywhere that made it look even bigger that it was (the best part is you could see yourself playing upside down!) . The higher walls were done in red, white, blue, and yellow line designs, culminating into the cloudburst they used in the logo on the top of the walls, near the mirrored ceiling. The walls the games were on was done in a blue, felt-like material. Silver railings with staircases  were  everywhere, separating the floors, and on the right side was an access ramp to take you to all three levels if you were in a wheelchair.  The top level had a row of 10 to 15  pinball machines and that wrapped around to a huge row of slightly older arcade games. the second level was filled with cocktail tables (awesome for head to head competition! ) The ground floor was littered with the latest games and more recent arcade games. and of course the silver change booth (it was a title of distinction to be a change attendant in that booth!) They always got the latest and the best during the golden age (1979/83).  Some games stayed forever, while some gems got overlooked by patrons and eventually discarded into history. I will eventually do regular reviews on some of those lost gems on this site!

Here’s some pics I was able to find online, but sadly, I never took any myself ( it was forbidden to take pics early on- copyright issues!). So, I am putting a challenge to all the arcaders out there. send  any Dream Machine pic you have  to me here at The Arcade Archives and I will start a Dream Machine Tribute Page here on site for all to enjoy! Ross, thanks for the question, and the chance to dig up pics, and to fondly remember the Dream Machine as the best arcade that I think ever existed!

Welcome to the Archives and KEEP PLAYIN’ LIKE IT’S 1981!


I’m digging the Def Leppard concert shirt! also check out the Krull and the Q*bert with the prototype swearing header!

What? no one whats to play Star Castle?

And if you use 3D Arcade as your MAME frontend, wouldn’t this be a great arcade to run around in?

UPDATE  12/2/12

ShadowOnix emailed and asked-

“Hey, I was curious if you have a simple, plain Dream Machine logo, and was wondering if I would be able to use this in a year book for my high school. My dad used to work there, and if I would be able to try and get it in there, and bring it to him I’m sure he would love it.” well here ya’ go!

With the cloud background

With the cloud background

without the cloud background

without the cloud background

A visit to The King of Kong Arcade (part 1)

Hey Gang!

Remember those Billy Mitchell trading cards I talked about a few weeks ago? (if not, just go back to my 3rd blog entry!)

Well, I had mentioned after doing some digging, they were selling these cards exclusively at the Orlando International Airport- WHY? Ill tell you why…  Billy’s opened an arcade! At the airport! And it’s not bad! No really- let me just show ya.

Here we are at OIA- They said it would be on the A side....

...Oh- Here's a sign!

At last I found it- (I wasn't really that hard) and all the front signage is awesome- it has a pull away pseudo 3d effect!

The storefront is amazing. It makes you feel like your walking into the movie- both Billy and Steve are prominently displayed.... oh the eternal confrontation- I wish we had seen that battle in the movie!

...And inside is great as well! Full sized murals of all 4 levels are displayed on the walls.

the place has NICE hardwood flooring, and FLAMING BARRELS! You heard me- FLAMING BARRELS! You know you are looking at this place and saying" I wish this was in my house!"

And the centerpiece to The KOK Arcade has to be the change counter. The curtain looks like a separate wall to walk behind- cool!

And of course, what arcade would be complete without hot sauce? you can also purchase t shirts, and the aforementioned trading cards.

All in all a great looking gameroom. While I was there (about 10 minutes),  30 people came in and played- which is good- the airport’s got a constant flow of customers just waiting with money to spend . And they had some good titles- BUT NO DONKEY KONG! not even 1 classic game in the lineup- that was disappointing. But it just opened… may be they will be bringing in DK and others in the future- I hope. Well stay tuned gang- because I will be going back and getting some answers on this little, funny, out of the way arcade soon!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!