Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 3 Review – Now-stalgia on Disney+

Review by Joshua Jordan

“Survival is one step on the path to living”

After finding the source of the information leak to the Separatist, Anakin, Captain Rex, and The Bad Batch have to escape The Techno Union Army’s base. This escape has them going back to the Poletecan village where Anakin’s group along with the Poletecans have to fight the Techno Union’s forces and protect the village.

This episode was short, sweet, and to the point. Because of this it has no real story meat just a lot of action. This isn’t in any way a bad thing at all it just a story the bridges the gap between the previous episode and the next one. Just like the ones before episode 3 has fantastic animation and with amazingly staged action scenes, making this story anything but boring. I felt that this episode’s biggest strength is that it got me excited for the next episode, which will mark the end of our first of three-story arcs this season.

Episode Review Score: A

Case Closed Review Episode 15 – The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast

case closed title

We’re back with another Toon Review! This episode Ubernerd is joined by Dubious Khan as we talk about the mystery genre and the anime “Case Closed” (aka Detective Conan).

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RWBY Round Up Episode Five – A Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Mini Cast

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So volume 3 of RWBY has begun at Rooster Teeth and I am so excited about this new season that I decided to do a solo mini cast going over each episode as they air. This time we are looking at episode 5 of Volume 3 titled “Never miss a beat.” Please be aware I will be going over EVERYTHING in the episode so if you don’t want it spoiled then don’t listen to this until after you’ve watched the episode. As always please don’t forget to leave what you thought about the episode below, on Twitter @talesftgamegrid, or on Facebook at Don’t forget to subscribe to the Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast on iTunes!

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Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – 私たちのお気に入りの漫画パート1


CCTP Anime

最後に、ここであなたを待っているポッドキャストです!待たどうもありがとうございますと…なぜあなたは変な顔することを作っていますか?私はあなたが私を理解していないことができると思い、残念私は英語に切り替えてみましょう…Is that better? You can understand me now, right? Good, anyways the podcast you’ve been waiting for is finally here! That’s right we talk about nothing but Anime in this podcast, our favorites to be precise. Don’t forget that this is only part one of all the wonderful Anime stuff we will be talking about.

We also want to take a minute and remind you especially if you’re into Anime that MetroCon will be coming soon to the Tampa Bay area and we’re going to be there! So if you want to learn more about it or buy your tickets head on over to  

Also in case you missed the last post here again are the free Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Anime wallpapers!

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A Special Announcement From Cartoon Connoisseur Theater


We are turning Cartoon Connoisseur Theater into a Podcast and we need your help! Our first subject is going to tackle revamping cartoons like Ducktales, Inspector Gadget, etc. We want to know what cartoon you want to see revamped. so go to twitter before March 23rd and write your answer and use the hashtag #revitalizedcartoon to hear you answers on the podcast.

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