Coin Up Review Of Astro Blaster!


Hello Arcaders!

Welcome to the latest issue of COIN UP! This is the review series where I go back in time and review those arcade games of the past that you probably remember or or have a memory vaguely playing at the local arcade- the game tucked away in a corner while you’re waiting for your turn at Space Ace. If you have a favorite game you would like to see in a review- let me know in the comments section below! We have our first sequel and it will be a part of our Shmup series!

If you didn’t read the last issue- WHAT ARE YOU DOING? go back and read the Coin Up review of Astro Fighter! If you have-great! You know its a shortened name for Shoot Em’ Up- a genre of game that involved a space fighter or jet moving in a direction (or all, as we’ll see later in this series!!!) Shooting enemies who move in a pattern (or random as well…) trying to shoot you down. My favorites tend to be space shmups (or space shooters!) And this one tops it’s predecessor in every way!!!! Continue reading

Family Arcade in Los Angeles- an institution since 1971… Remodeling and reopening it’s doors this month!


I love arcade stories… I mean, that’s what I started the Archives for. But- when this popped up on my Facebook feed, I had to share. Harry & David Peck, brothers from Boyle Heights, CA had a dream to open an arcade. They have been in the arcade business since 1971. They have seen the highs and lows of this industry. In August of last year, a fire damaged a portion of the building- Fortunately from what I can tell, no one was hurt, and a majority of the games were spared. What makes this even more important, is it’s considered to be the oldest active game center in Los Angeles. The good news- they are about to reopen after a lengthy remodel! As sad as it is to loose a piece of arcade history, it’s amazing to see one not only survive 49 years, but to reopen- better than ever! So, in honor of this amazing arcade- I thought I would show pics of the past- and future!

And as a extra treat- let’s do a walkthrough, shall we?

Thanks to Arcade Crainiacs for the video.

Once I get the Video Arcade Raiders together- this might have to be a destination!!!

Hey Arcaders- give this great establishment some love and go visit them yourselves if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area!!!

Oh man- it’s down the street from a Jack in the Box!!!

870 N. Vermont Ave. (2,189.58 miles from me)
Los Angeles, California 90029

Get Directions

Have you ever been to Family Arcade? Do you have any cool stories to tell? Leave a comment below!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

Fingers- Video Games Music Video From 1982!

Hey Arcaders! RayGunn Here, Bringing you another arcade video. It’s funny- when you type in video game music videos on YouTube, you never know what you will get! I don’t remember this one on MTV! The song comes from their 1982 album of the same name.

This song is catchy- I wanna to listen to the rest of this album! anyone who knows anything about this band, let me know in the comments below!

Keep’ playin’ like It’s 1981!



Hey Arcaders!

Lets get in our time machine and go back to 1982- for another STARCADE MEMORY!!!!

This time it’s homemaker Kathy Sherwood vs future stand up comic David Brown! And they’re playing for an EXTREMELY RARE game today- SLITHER from GDI!

A few things in this episode-

1) You get to see some great little known arcade games getting some play- Blueprint is a great example of that, and if you haven’t played it before, check it out on MAME- it’s a great game!

2) A little bit of info on our grand prize game- Slither is a little known early 80’s Centipede style game. 

Slither was released by Destron/GDI out of Chicago, Illinois, in July 1982. GDI’s only other title, the cold war slide-and-shoot Red Alert, was released a few months prior in late 1981 (which was another great game- and it’s on MAME- give it a try!) Then GDI just disappeared- It’s a shame- having two great games like this, then to just shut down? Sadly,  Slither doesn’t work on MAME, but there is a home port- on COLECOVISION! it came boxed with their Roller Controller expansion pack, and it plays great!

3) Best of all- in this episode- THEY PLAY SWIMMER!!! Don’t get me started on SWIMMER!!!!!



Got your favorite breakfast cereal ready? Yhen, let’s watch the fun!!! And Thanks again to RETROGAMECLIPS!!!