PKMN Day Flyer

Attention all Pokémon Trainers in the Orlando, Florida area! We are proud to announce on February 27th we will be at Krum’s World Comics and Collectibles and Lucky Straws Boba Tea Café to celebrate to twentieth anniversary of Pokémon! Join us for all types of fun including a Pokémon cosplay contest and a Pokémon Video Game Tournament.

The days activities include:

Krum’s World will also be giving away a free mystery Pokéball filled with all kinds of surprises with the purchase of $10 or more, while supplies last.

Lucky Straws Boba Tea Café will have a specialty Pokémon drink

At 1:00 pm (sign up starts at Noon) we will have a Pokémon Video Game Tournament for all players of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS. Its $3 to enter and the participant will receive a small gift bag.

Throughout the day we will be giving prizes for any Pokémon Cosplayer that stop by!

Ubernerd527 and other Arcade Archives personalities will be there as well. This will also be your chance to be interviewed for the second part of our special Pokémon 20th Anniversary Podcast.

Please also don’t forget to bring your Pokémon Trading Cards to battle and trade with others too

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To find out more information about the locations click below:

Krum’s World Comics and Collectables

Lucky Straws Boba Tea Café


13750 W Colonial Drive Winter Garden, FL 34787 In the Publix Shopping Center



Final Smash 


Sorry this isn’t a full article but here are the updates from the final Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. I am a little disappointed that Shantae didn’t make it but the new fighters do look interesting. All the new fighters will be getting Amiibo as well as Cloud is available now! 


Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition: Luigi’s Mansion Theme

Video Game Boom Box Halloween

Luigi’s Mansion Theme – Luigi’s Mansion

Okay, okay I admit this pick was technically an easy pic and yes I said no horror games. However I don’t consider Luigi’s Mansion to be a horror game because it’s not in the same vain as Resident Evil, Left 4 dead, or even Five Nights at Freddy’s. I think of it more like The Haunted Mansion ride at the Disney Parks then a flat out horror game. Coincidentally, in some respects this theme does resemble The Haunted Mansion to a degree. Most importantly the very haunting music is what sets the mood for the game itself. I have found multiple versions of the theme but some of the more eerie ones tend to be the one with Luigi humming the tune to himself, presumably while walking through the mansion. The other is from the Smash Bros. 4 version which starts off with a music box sound. Which begs this question who decided that a music box was scary?

Super Mario Memories – Presented by The Arcade Archives Network




Audio only version:

For thirty years Super Mario have given us great games to play and memories to go with them. So join the contributors of The Arcade Archives Network as we take a look at the classic Super Mario franchise! What’s your favorite Super Mario Memory? Join the fun and leave your comments below or email us at thearcadearchives@gmail.com or tweet at us @arcadeanetwork.

special thanks to our contributors:
Dave  @podcastpascoe
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The Wynsten @hanzoinverse
Ubernerd527 @ubernerd527
Danny the UltraSonic Player @ultrasonic9
and RayGunn @raygunn1

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Tales From The Game Grid #19 – Far Out with Brad and Friends


tales 19

I want to give a special shout out to Ladybug for the help with the new Far Out with Brad and Friends logo.

Far out logo two

Far Out will be a new series inside The Game Grid specifically featuring Brad and all his Pokemon Friends that live on a remote island.

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Tales From The Game Grid Presents Brad’s Christmas Special 2014

Merry Christmas Arcaders, here is a special gift from all of us here at the Arcade Archives and Tales From The Game Grid!

BradChristmasSpecialTaleschristmaslogo Pikach and Raichu’s images are both copyright Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. Please support the offical release. Tales From The Game Grid is copyright of Joshua Jordan. Comic drawn in Pokemon Art Academy for the Nintendo 3DS.

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The Gamesters Present: SmashTalk Premier Episode

Smashtalk Logo

SmashTalk is a new spin off series that will have us Gamesters (plus special guests) playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. While we do we will be cracking jokes, telling information about specific characters, and much more. This episode however will be a little different though. Because for our inaugural episode we thought that it would share our thoughts about the game in general and we even have our first guests Creator of The Arcade Archives himself RayGunn and Sir Luna. Before I end this introduction I would like to apologies for it being very, very late. Because of holidays, life getting in  the way, and because this video was a very ambitious undertaking, editing this video took longer than we were anticipating. But we hope that you will enjoy us anyways and please feel free to comment below.