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NinteNews- Episode 1!

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Hey Arcaders!

Welcome to the first episode of Nintenews! Were going to rant, rave, and go over everything in the Nintendo universe! the first episode is all bout the latest Nintendo Direct!

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Enjoy and..

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!!!

Video Game All Stars Part 3!!!



Hey Arcaders… I’m back… sort of.  More on that later.

It’s the Third- and unfortunately- final episode (that I know of) of Video Game All Stars!

We have a new host (hosts), puppet, new games, and a new sponsor… Nickels & Dimes! I worked at a Gold Mine Arcade for about a year in 1986! Awesome arcade that ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE A MINE!!!

It looked like they finally had some grasp on this show (or not, depending how you look at it…)

Your new host, Jeff Valdez and -Mel Grier give us the inside scoop on the latest games of early 1984!  And your scorekeeper and the creepiest puppet you will ever see..


The Competition games  of this episode-


Dragon's Lair

Dragon’s Lair





Pole Position

Pole Position


Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo

Mario Bros.

Mario Bros.

I  wish this show had gone on longer-  it had that kooky local feel- something today’s TV is lacking. i love the new intro- using an Alan Parsons Project song- I Robot!

Lat’s get to some classic game fun!!!


As a special bonus, here’s the album I Robot by The Alan Parson Project!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

The Electric Circus Episode #10- The Magical Mystery Podcast!

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Hey Arcaders!

Here it is- finally!


We’re in the double digits now!

And to celebrate, I thought we would post this podcast as a special “MYSTERY PODCAST!” There are clues on the page…

All I can say is- Get a bowl of your favorite cereal, and don’t sit so close to the pod-casting device- you don’t know what that does to your ears!

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Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

The Electric Circus Episode #9- The Podcast Awakens!

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Hey Arcaders!

Welcome to another episode of The Electric Circus! While this was recorded on December 11th 2015, I held off releasing it until now. Why? Because of the spoiler backlash. I wanted to give everyone enough time to see it, just so we wouldn’t upset anyone.

So, if you haven’t seen it- BE WARNED! there are TONS of spoilers after the one hour mark. But there’s plenty enjoy before that- our history with all the films, favorite video games- there’s a lot to listen to!

So, here we go- to a galaxy far, far away…

Joysticks Movie Soundtrack- Coming soon!



Hey, Arcaders!

Long time, no speak… Been a little busy as of late- so UBERNERD has been holding the fort for a while (and is doing an amazing job!!!) Let’s begin…

A Long Time Ago… In 1983…

A movie was released, that, well most people didn’t want to see. and that movie was JOYSTICKS!!!!


I was there at opening night, at the Dutchess Mall theater. And I loved it. I always thought this movie was something more than a PORKY’S ripoff- because of the true star of this movie- THE ARCADE!

It was…AMAZING! Unlike most movies of the 1980’s that needed an arcade setting (Go to the mall, film said arcade) They- BUILT THEIR  OWN!!!! That’s right, they built their own arcade, from scratch, in a warehouse in L.A.! and it was awesome!

…But, that’s a story for another time.

We’re here to talk about the soundtrack!

It was never released. Why?  Who knows why.  Poor ticket sales, the director, producers, or distributors of the film not thinking it was necessary-  the list goes on and on.

Flash ahead 33 years later-

Jon and the fine folks at  ECZEMA RECORDS are releasing the official movie soundtrack to this fine film!

You can get it two ways-

Buy the digital download for the sweet price of $9.99- you choose-

  • MP3 (320kbps)
  • iTunes Plus AAC (256kbps)
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC)
  • FLAC

Pre order the JOYSTICKS Vinyl LP + Immediate MP3 Download for $25.00!


Jon sent the Archives a digital copy to review, and I can tell you- it’s amazing  just to hear the music with nothing over it! The album must be from the masters because they are flawless!  The late 70’s / early 80’s vibe is here in this music. The fun and optimism was there for me when I heard “Last Chance For Love” this time, just as it was when I heard it at the end of this movie back in ’83. This album will be playing in my arcade for years to come!!!

Now, as a side by side comparison, here’ the beginning of the film with the Joysticks theme song-

and here’s the soundtrack version-

Its flawless!

I’ll be doing a proper song by song review in the coming days, (also when I purchase the vinyl, we will be doing a video review!) and may be Jon could even answer some questions…

If that’s peaked you interest, head over to ECZEMA RECORDS and get you copy NOW!!!

Thanks to everybody over at  ECZEMA RECORDS for the tunes!!!!!

Happy Halloween From The Stephens Clan!

sotss logo new


Yeah, I know it’s a day late- someone had the games running at DisneyQuest last night! So, with Super Mario Month out of the way, and Halloween done, I’ts time for the holiday season to begin. But, Before we move on, one of my favorite artists has celebrated a milestone.


Four years ago, Sperry posted her first Saga of The Seven Steves!  The characters have come a long way since then, but her attention to detail and story writing have always been the cornerstone of the comic.

Now, to celebrate I have a new comic for Halloween, and a surprise!


…And now, circa 1982-

Congratulations Theo!

Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition- Escape From Monster Manor

Video Game Boom Box Halloween


Hey Arcaders!

           RayGunn here, and  the UberNerd thought I should try my hand at this “Video Game Boombox” article, so I stepped up to the challenge! And most Arcaders would think” RayGunn’s going to highlight music from Ghost and Goblins! Or even better- Haunted House for the VCS! (HA! Haunted house Only has one song- The theme to The Twilight Zone.)

Nope, I’m gonna tell ‘ya about another great game to play on Halloween- and that’s Escape From Monster Manor!

One of the launch titles for the 3D0 in October, 1993 it was a first person shooter (one of the first, by the way) and the only one I know of to animate clay figures!-for the time this game came out- I thought it looked great! the atmosphere was dark and foreboding, with lots of jump scares thrown into the game to keep you on your toes! while the games appearance might have not held up for some people (I still love it- some of the areas look like something out of the Haunted Mansion!) but what does hold up is the MUSIC! I still use this soundtrack at Halloween ( back in the day, I had to set up my 3D0 to some external speakers and stick them out the window, then choose a level and let the game run!)

Now a days, you can listen to the soundtrack right on your computing device of your choice! that’s right, someone has extracted the soundtrack and put it up on YouTube  for all to enjoy!

Now I will tell you, my personal favorite is the music in levels 1 and 9! it is quite a fright!

now, you can listen one of two ways-

  1. play the entire video out!
  2. click on the times below- it will open a new tab and you can listen to each one individually!

Let’s get scary!



2:08 Levels 3 and 8: Rooms of gloom and Grave cave.

8:11 Levels 1 and 9: Beastly belfry and Marrow mall.

10:23 Levels 4 and 10: Ghostly gallery and Lone catacomb.

14:30 Levels 2 and 7 Evil attic and Grisly grotto.

20:54 Levels 6 and 11 Prisoner’s peril and Tombs of doom.

23:56 Levels 5 and 12 Demonic dungeon and Ghastly graveyard.

Don’t listen…WITH THE LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!