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I live in Central FL. I currently work full time and go to school full time for Crime Scene Investigation. I'm a huge nerd! In my spare time I spend a lot of time in the outdoors with my family and friends. We spend a lot of time hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, etc. I also enjoy going to conventions and comic book shops.

Rusty Dragonfly Review


First off let me say how disappointed I am you can’t see my amazing Scarlet Witch shirt, I’m wearing. The reason is the earrings and bracelet; which you will see later are Scarlet Witch inspired. Rusty Dragonfly merges geek with craft! She does amazing work with chain-mail and dragon scales. I will show you a few examples of her amazing work. It is truly beautiful.


Here is another photo of the Scarlet Witch inspired earring and the earrings with the bracelet laid out so you can see them. The earrings are wonderfully light and the colors are also even more vibrant then the photos show. I love that even with my Ariel red hair the earrings still stand out, they don’t fade into the background.


As you can see I have larger wrists and the bracelet fits just the way I like it. It isn’t tight but it has some room to move around. Rusty asked what size my wrist was to insure that it fight properly. I love the way it looks on my wrist as well. In these photos I was on my way out to celebrate Free Comic Book Day! I received several comments on my jewelry. I like it when people appreciate someone else’s work as much as I do.


This is another style of bracelet that Rusty does this one is actually Gambit inspired! Which if you don’t already know he is my favorite male X-men character! And no I’m not excited over the abomination that is going to be the Gambit movie! But I’m not going to get on that rant or I will just go for hours, lets get back to this wonderful bracelet. I love the design of this one, its unique. The coloring is also very vibrant as well. You would also think that due to the material this jewelry is made out of it might be heavy but it’s not. All of the pieces are bold and vibrant without weighing you down.


Last but not lease is a pair of Harley Quinn inspired earrings which I had taken more photos of but they went MIA on my phone. So I borrowed a photo from Rusty Dragonfly so you can see how wonderful these earrings look hanging. They are simply wonderful. They also aren’t overwhelming so you can wear them with a lot of different outfits. The pricing at Rusty Dragonfly is also very good. Earrings start at about $6 and Bracelets start around $15. For the quality and the look of this jewelry it is well worth the price. I would highly recommend Rusty Dragonfly!!

Marvel Collector Corps “The Avengers” Box


This is the very first of the Funko and Marvel mystery boxes!! The first one is all things Avengers!!


If you haven’t gotten your box yet be warned there will be spoilers!!!! I’m so not even joking!! This Marvel Collector Corps box is pretty cool!!! This is a bi-monthly mystery box that runs $25 a shipment plus shipping.

This is your last chance to go back now!! There will be spoilers!!! Not just spoilers but photos as well!!! Now there are four different tee shirts so you may not get the one I have but everything else in the box should be the same!


When you first open the box this is what you see! You still don’t get the see the entire box! Just some goodies on the top. I was like ok this cool the way they have the box set up.


This is a close up of the Ultron patch and a Captain America pin. This patch is very nicely made and so is the pin. Some of these mystery boxes tend to be cheaper button pins. But these are nice metal pins. I did notice that they are a bit of a advertisement for the box, but I’m ok with that.


I have now gotten to the meat and potatoes of the box! I mean just look at that for a moment. I’m not going to lie the Hulkbuster made me squeal!!!


This is my first Dorbz. I have to say I wasn’t sure how I felt about this but I was looking at the back of the box thinking I really need that Scarlet Witch Dorbs!! Of course I had to open it and ass you can see from the front of the box this is an exclusive Dorbs.


Ultron has never looked so cute! I find this guy so cute he also has a good weight to him as well. He is perfect for my collection and I will be adding more Dorbs to it. His coloring is a nice even metallic color.


Now lets be serious this was the deciding factor for me to order the Marvel Collector Corps Box! I wanted this Hulkbuster and nothing was going to keep him from me. He is an oversized Pop! Which I’m a huge fan of! Although I don’t collect a lot of full sets with out this one there is no way you can have a complete Age of Ultron set.


Look at his face and all that beautiful metallic coloring! He has a brilliant shine to him. He also has a good bit of weight to him. I’m trying to decide if I want to take him out of the box or not! I mean I don’t keep them in the box for the most part but this one might stay in there.


Of course there is a comic in the box! This one is an Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy mash up!! Personal I can’t wait to read this one. I also have to say even though I don’t know that I’m a fan of female Thor, I do like the way she looks on the cover! I also felt that it was awesome that there were three female characters on the front.


This is a fantastic cover! I mean I just love the coloring and the way the characters pop. They also managed to get everyone on the cover without it looking like a hot mess! It is beautiful.


Last but not least is the shirt!! I think this shirt is pretty spiffy! I mean it’s got Hulk on it and he is my favorite character! Again however this shirt does advertise the box on it but again I’m not worried about that.


I also like that the shirt is grey!!! I have an over abundance of black and navy shirts!! So this makes me very happy. I can’t wait to see what the next box will hold! The next box is going to be released in June and it will be Antman themed!! I’m not super familiar with Antman but I do look forward to another awesome box!!

Harley Quinn Earrings by PintSizedMaria


PintSizedMaria have some of the best Harley Quinn earrings, I’ve seen in a while. I feel like if your doing a Harley cosplay these are the earrings you would want to wear. They have a little bit of bling to them but they are also really light. So they wont bother you after a few hours.


As you can see they look great on even though I appear to be scowling. I love these earrings they look fantastic and they are light weight. They aren’t pulling my ears. The coloring is also bright and vibrant. They give you a bit of geek with your outfit without wearing huge bat signals.


As you can see from the close up images they are both different but the same. These are earrings that Harley Quinn would love to wear. I love the classic Harley diamonds on the earrings. They are also flashy with out being obnoxious.


I also think that the price is right for these as well. PintSizeMaria sells these earrings for $25. Which for the quality of these earrings it’s well worth the money. Not to mention sometimes it’s the smallest thing that pulls your cosplay together!! Which I am currently working on putting together my first cosplay! I will be sure to post about it!

Mechawhales Review


Mechawhales are awesome adult geared action figures I found surfing the net. I think before I go on and tell your how much I love Mechawhales, you should know their story.


The Story Of Mechawhales:
It is not clear when earth’s whales first gained awareness and psychic powers. It is however well known that they first showed their true abilities to the human race in 2037.
At that time humanity was close to destroying earth through war and pollution. With a bombardment of psychic messages the whales showed mankind the error of its ways. The humans soon learned to follow the wise guidance of the whales and the Whale-Human Alliance was founded. During the next centuries humans and whales peacefully explored the galaxy.
They found many inhabitable worlds some even showing remains of long lost alien civilizations. Humans and whales colonized those worlds and the Whale-Human Alliance spread across the galaxy. But when they encountered a race of alien marauders war once again found mankind.
It was soon very clear that the humans could not win this war alone. The alien soldiers were bigger, stronger and better armed then their human counterparts. In their need the humans turned to their whale allies for help.
Thus a lot of whales underwent surgery to enhance them to fight alongside the humans in giant robot suits. Now they fight as Mechawhales to bring back peace to the galaxy.


First of all let me just say that I love the back story. I think that a good back story is important for an action figure. I also think that there is a bit of a lesson included as well. This beautiful creature is a tank whale. These ones are also piloted by the largest whales, blue whales.


As you can see the armor is very detailed and wonderfully colored.  They also have a full arsenal on the whale. These are also very well made. They are a heavy vinyl that is solid, that makes them heavy. I think these are a splendid piece to add to your collection.


I really wanted you to see how wonderfully detailed they are down to their little teeth. I think that their creator Hauke Scheer did a fantastic job designing these guys. They are also fun as well. This isn’t the only style there are several other styles so you can build an entire army!!!

The following is the official press release!!


Hauke Scheer and Deep Fried Figures have some exciting news regarding the Mechawhales property:
The Mechawhales Youtube Channel is proud to announce it has joined the Channel Frederator Network.
The Mechawhales Youtube Channel will introduce the Mechawhales brand to a wider audience as part of the Frederator Network family with new 3D animations and other exiting videos coming to the Mechawhales Youtube Channel soon. https://www.youtube.com/user/mechawhales The Channel Frederator Network is an American animation Multi Channel Network (MCN) managed by FrederatorNetworks. With over 255 Million Monthly Views and 20 Million Total Network Subscribers, the network is quickly growing to become the premiere animation network. http://www.channelfrederatornetwork.com

Deep Fried Figures has expanded the Mechawhales offerings in its 3D printing shop on Sculpteo.
Customizers can now turn the regular Mechawhales PVC figure into the fearsome Captain Moby with a new customizing set. This character was briefly seen in the very first Mechawhales animation He will also have a big part in the upcoming 5 th Mechawhales animation coming soon the Mechawhales Youtube Channel. http://www.sculpteo.com/en/s/deepfriedfigures/

Fans can also now expand their Mechawhales army by buying the Beluga Mechawhales figure as well as human soldiers and Cyborg Troopers. Since every hero needs a villain Deep Fried Figures has added a number of new Alien Invader troops to its shop. Now you can have an enemy army for your Mechawhales to stomp on. http://www.sculpteo.com/en/s/deepfriedfigures/


The Story of the Mechawhales: In the distant future mankind has allied itself with highly intelligent psychic whales. Under the guidance of those wise animals humanity stopped polluting the earth and started to peacefully explore the galaxy. But they were soon attacked by an army of evil marauding aliens. Now it is up to the whales to save the day. With the help of powerful robot armor the heroic Mechawhales fight to bring back peace to the universe. See all their adventures at: www.mechawhales.com


About Hauke Scheer/ Deep Fried Figures GmbH:
Hauke Scheer is a character designer from Germany. He has worked as graphic designer for computer games, animation and advertising. He is currently working on his own line of collectible figures with his company Deep Fried Figures GmbH. http://www.deepfriedfigures.com Hauke also offers 3D printing services and figure prototype development for private collectors and small businesses at: www.hauke-scheer.de


Loot Crate April Unboxing


Since my crate did arrive earlier then normal I want to make sure you understand if you haven’t gotten yours yet there will be SPOILERS!!!

So don’t get mad at me if your crate is spoiled you were warned!!!

This is your last chance! SPOILERS Ahead!!!


I don’t know about he rest of you but for me, opening the Loot Crate is a family affair. My son and I. Then we tend to fight over the contents of the box. LOL Its kind of like calling dibs over the cool stuff. Its like that will any crate that comes to my house.


First things first look at this awesome tee that was in the crate. This is a fantastic Dungeon & Dragons shirt. I love the distressed dragon design. I do wish the shirt its self was a different color. I tend to not be a huge fan of red and I’m getting way to many red shirts. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad they aren’t always black or navy but I wish they were a different color, than red.


Can I just tell you have excited my son was to pull out this bow tie? It’s so weird he loves ties. This one has gold dragons and 20 sided dice on it. Its still in the bag because I think Black Tie Geek should get credit for this great design. I know this is going to look great on.


Winter is Coming!!! So having a House of Stark zip drive. This thing is awesome. It’s also fairly small so it will fit in your pocket or wallet easily. I don’t know if other people got different designs or not but I love the Stark one!


This is a deck of the Princess Bride cards. Which there is so much awesome involved with this. I mean first of all it’s Princess Bride. Plus we all know that there is so much fun to be  had in a deck of cards. I mean I think these just will replace our zombie deck.


This is an inflatable crown. I know this isn’t as cool as some of the other stuff but it’s just fun. I know people tend to like stuff like this in there Loot Crate, they feel like they were ripped off. I personally like stuff like this. I’m going to inflate this and put this on one of my bears I think!


This is a luggage tag. What could be cooler then a Platform 9 3/4’s tag. I think even small items like this add the much needed geek to your life. I mean luggage can be so boring. Plus who doesn’t need a new luggage tag?


There was also Game of Thrones magnets. These look great on my fridge!! I mean I don’t know about the rest of you but my fridge is a geek wonderland. I have Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc. So these just add to the awesomeness of my fridge.


As always there is a button and a magazine that has some cool articles in it but also tells you about your items in your crate.

Marvel Select Incredible Hulk Action Figure By Diamond Select Toys


This Hulk action figure is truly incredible! Diamond Select Toys did an outstanding job bringing one of my favorite Marvel characters to life. He looks just like I think he should. Also the packaging on this action figure is really nicely done.


This packaging looks great all the way around. Which if you notice there are actually three Hulks that go to this set! Plus they also have an Abomination as well. So needless to say they will all be added to my collection in the future. Although the photos don’t do the packaging justice the colors are bright and vibrant.


This is a close up of his wonderfully detailed face. I love the growl face he has going on. He is in a full on Hulk rage and doesn’t care who gets in his way, well except for maybe Betty! It’s obvious that Diamond Select cares about the products they issue.


Now let me tell you before Hulk was liberated from his packaging I thought it was so heavy because of his base, but I was way off it is the action figure that is a bit heavy. The base is actually very light weight but I love the design of it. Although I did have some problems getting him positioned on there properly, but my son came to my rescue.


As you can see his detailing is amazing from any angle. He is in full impressive Hulk form, he is also a bit over sized for an action figure, as he should be. This is defiantly not one of those times when the Hulk is the same size as everyone else. He is larger about 11 inches compared to the normal 7 inches. This makes total sense to me since the Hulk is about seven and a half foot tall.


As you can see when he is position on his base he is an impressive piece. The pricing isn’t bad either, he is listed at $24.99 on Diamond Select. I think he is a wonderful addition to my collection but he is also a great piece for a starter collection. He also looks more expensive then he really was. I can’t wait to add the rest of the Hulks and Abomination to my collection.

Green Monster Fur Clip In Kitty Ears from The Mewtique

wpid-20150415_180040.jpgLooking to add a little something to your outfit or cosplay? These awesome Kitty Ears from The Mewtique are just the thing you need. I love the color of  these ears the two shades of green compliment each other.


As you see on the back side of the ears you have this wonderful green fake fur. They are a soft fur that is a high quality fur not a cheap rough fur. the stitching is also very strong. I think the sizing is perfect as well. You don’t have huge over sized kitty ears on your head but ones that are the size they would be if they were really yours.

wpid-20150415_180105.jpgThe clips that are on them are great ones they hold the ears into place with out any slippage even with my thin hair. I think that is one of the most important things. I also made a point of dancing around in them to see if they fell out. They didn’t so if you wear them to an after con party, you can party all night with out losing your ears.


As you can see they look great on! Well the ears look great, I how ever look hot and tired! But non of that matters! What matters is bringing you awesome products! The Mewique has a variety of wonderful ears and tails for you to choose from.