Podcast Spotlight- The Three Stooges Official Podcast

Hey Arcaders!

Since I was a young, I was a HUGE fan of the Three Stooges. Like a lot of kids of the 60s and 70s, I was first indoctrinated into Stoogedom on TV- between showings of the original shorts, The Three Stooges cartoon show, The Robonic Stooges, and their subsequent release on VHS- I was a Stooge manic for life! And, later on I would get every DVD box set and release I could get my hands on- Even the much maligned “StoogeMania” movie is in my collection! It’s modest to some, but I love it all!

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Fast forward to 2020. One day- whist perusing the Toobes of Youze- I ran into a  channel I had to check  out- Curly’s Grandson. I watched a video- I was HOOKED! Curly G truly was cast in his grandfather’s mold- his mannerisms, voice, and timing are spot on- but being a unique character all his own! Check him out- and I dare you not to laugh! Specially while drinking milk! I COULDN’T DO IT!

The have been many Kooks on tour with Curly G- but his biggest big toe- is Andy Pagana. Andy is a filmmaker, and all around funny guy- he plays Curly in the the Three Stooges shorts they are producing for YouTube! his impression is spot on! And check out his other videos- Big Baby, Captain Happy, The Nonsense Box- this guy is a genius!

You’ve heard of the timeless saying- dirt and water make mud? Not here- Bradley and  Andy make gold- comedy gold!

A few months ago… the boys started STOOGETALK LIVE- where the share memories and memorabilia of the boys! They have been joined by Larry’s great grandson, and Shemp’s great granddaughter! It’s a Thursday institution- That plays in every institution!

This Tuesday- 5/23/23 the boys are starting their first podcast- The Three Stooges Official Podcast! Go to our Arcade Brigade section of links to the official site- sign up for notifications and support these talented guys! I know I’ll be listening! Break a leg, guys!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


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