Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer 3 Reaction

I think I can speak confidently and say that we here at the Arcade Archives are all excited about The Super Mario Bros. Movie. So in celebration of Mario day, as of the writing of this post, here is my reaction to the final trailer: Since the first trailer, every subsequent trailer after has gotten me more and more excited about the movie. The voice cast is awesome, the references to the classic games are awesome, and the movie looks beautiful. I have never been a big Illuminations fan except for the first Despicable Me, but this movie just looks amazing. My only worry right now is the story of the movie. I hope that, paired with these great visuals and references, there is a good story to go with it. Now though, I want to hear what you think. Leave your comments and let us know if you’re excited about The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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