Memories of an Arcader: Star Fox (SNES)

As many know, the Super NES is definitely a classic system in every way. Not just an improvement over the NES in terms of technology but also a system with an incredible library of games. Some of which took the gameplay experience to unforeseen levels. Naturally there were some games that stood out from the rest, and one of them would introduce Arcaders to a “next-gen” gameplay experience that didn’t require the need for a peripheral. Plus it would give a whole new dimension in space shooting and what the Super NES could do. This game was none other than Star Fox.

I remember this commercial very vividly.

When I first saw this commercial I couldn’t make heads or tails what it was about, but then when I went with my folks to Sears sometime later I saw their Super NES display station showing none other than Star Fox itself. I tried to play it as best I could but I didn’t know what in the world I was doing. But it was a lot of fun.

Then when I got a chance to rent the game for a SNES my cousin had at the time that’s when I started to really get into the game and have even more fun than just playing it on a display station. The banter the team has with each other helped add to the experience. Along with upgrading your fighter’s lasers Nova Bombs were definitely a must-have in your fighter’s arsenal, but don’t use them recklessly.

The biggest part was trying to keep my wings from being damaged, along with trying to upgrade my lasers, though aside from one or two instances I played the level 1 route on a single laser. It was tough as nails but I beat it.

(Still have to try and beat the level 2 and 3 routes, though…)

In all, this is a game that stood out from the rest while still staying true to some of the basic principles of shoot-em-ups, but with a 3D feel. And this was on a Super NES! That fact alone showed that the system had more potential than most. Of course, it took a collaboration between Nintendo and a company named Argonaut Software to pull it off but pull it off they did. And as such this game not only was a fun title, but it was also one that helped push the boundaries of what game development could be-something that would come into play during the N64 era.

So if you haven’t had a chance to play this game yet, do so. It may be more graphically primitive compared to modern-day games but the gameplay and fun factor more than make up for it, which is what any great game-especially a classic-should always be about.

My play through. 🙂😀🎮

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