Turbographix 16 Memories

Hey Arcaders!

In a few weeks I’ll be starting my new livestream! I will be starting with Turbo Thursdays- Where I will play lots of Turbographix 16 and PC Engine games!

I was always a big fan of  the underdog videogame consoles- and the Turbographix 16 fits that description very well. But- it should have been bigger. It was a massive hit in Japan- Outselling the Famicom at one point!

So- I thought- why not start a new series on the history of the Turbographix 16 and it’s games? What made the system so special? Why do collectors all over the world clamber for this console? Why wasn’t it the bigger hit it should have been here in the states?  Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this series- Turbographix 16 Memories!

What I loved the most about the Turbographix- was the controller- the Turbopad! It had built in adjustable turbo switches for both buttons- IN THE BOX! Playing  shmups on this console is a blast! The controller was comfortable and precise!

And the neon colors on a black background on everything from the logo, label, and on each jewel case- totally radical!

The games were on Hucards-  credit card sized cartridges that fit in the palm of your hand!


The Turbographix was the FIRST HOME MACHINE with a CD add on- The Turbographix CD!


One of the advantages of Turbographix games- the same cartridge could be played on their  handheld- the Turbo Express! You could play games… And watch TV!

Some of the best videogame music I have ever heard has been on the Turbographix- Have a listen to one of my favorites- Blazing Lasers!


Check out this promotional video of the Turbographix 16!

With all of that going for Turbographix- what’s not to love? What did you think of the Turbographix 16? Did you ever get to play on this classic console? let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


One comment

  1. It’s a very underrated console. But still one that deserves a place in video game history.

    And yes, the shmups are definitely a highlight of the console! 😃😁


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