Homebrew Spotlight- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game for the Sega Master System!

Hey Arcaders!

Most of you know my love for just about anything TMNT runs deep. Especially The TMNT arcade game. So when this tidbit of news showed up on my social media feed, I just had to share!

A post from xfixium on the  SMS Power forums  started last year- but has been updated as of yesterday…

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Well, I said I would make a topic for this when I had something to show. I’ll use this topic as a way to track progress on this project. As I’ve seen other people have done in the past. My apologies if this violates any forum rule, and I would expect it would be removed.

After some research, I’ve decided to see how far I can go using DevkitSMS. I played around with it a bit in VSCode, and I really dig it. I need some specific things for the asset side, however, so I decided to write a wrapper UI around it, to make my life easier. Tentatively called Dev SMS. So my current status is developing that tool. Which will basically be an enhanced tool that I created many years ago (GMare).

My goal is to get a proof of concept out. This will include all screens needed to play through stage 1. (Titles, Intros, Attract Mode, Game Over etc.. etc..)

To Do List:
Finish 2 remaining intro screens.
Finish up player and enemy sprites
Finish Dev SMS
Actual code development

Thanks for viewing!

Just check this out!

Now- this is still being worked on. There seems to be no sound, the demo isn’t playable- But man- this is going to be an amazing port! Excellent work,  xfixium!

We will keep you updated on the games progress!

Keep Playin Like It’s 1981!

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  1. Wow! I mean, I knew the Master System had slightly advanced hardware which allowed there for more stuff, but this looks even more close to the Arcade game! Now I’m really looking forward to the final version! 😃


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