Freeplay Florida 2022 Thoughts and walkthrough!

Hey Arcaders!

I had the chance to go to Freeplay Florida this year! I was hoping to walk around more, but I got tired ( I was so excited I forgot to eat) So- next year I’ll do more. But I got to play so many games, talk to and got autographs of some of the people I have looked up to for decades in this industry! Here’s the video!



Here’s a couple that I’ve known for quite a while- Katie & Spencer from Winner Every Time! I’ve known Katie since our days at Disneyquest!  Now- Her and Spencer have a great YouTube following- and hope to collaborate with them soon (and maybe give me some pointers- I’m old!)

Check out the YouTube link HERE or just go over to the Arcade Brigade sidebar to see their videos! They are totally awesome and I know you’ll like them too!

I was very impressed with the whole event- from game selection, to the techs who got on any problems ASAP. The guests were gracious of their time and sharing their history and everyone was so nice.  I can’t wait to go again next year and do this all again!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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