KerPOWie! Our Network is Expanding

Hello There!

For over a decade we’ve had so much fun doing a blog dedicated to a nostalgic view of video games both past and present. While we aren’t stopping, we have been wanting to talk about all the other things we like including comics, movies, shows, animation, and more. We dipped our toes a couple of times on the site but we realized that we needed a dedicated one to do it. KERPOWIE! that’s when it hit us, let’s do that!

Starting January 1st, KerPowie will launch and be a blog dedicated to giving reviews with nostalgic views that will feature any pop culture subjects that were previously mentioned. We promise that will give you the same quality of posts that we are giving you on The Arcade Archives for years. We also hope to hear from you too in any of our posts so please feel free to comment and join the conversation. Hope you’ll join us at KerPowie because if you do I know you will enjoy it.

(Psst, head over there now by clicking here to get a sneak peek of the website)