Konamitober- Let’s get down in Pandora’s Palace!

Hey Arcaders!

We’re going to jump ahead in the Konami timeline for just this one article. The third game in the “Interlogic Kit Trilogy” we’re diving deep in Konami archives to bring you the one game that was only released in the US- the super rare and awesome- Pandora’s Palace!

After the Pandora’s Box has been opened and the monsters released, A Roman emperor has the mission to make things back in order. The task won’t be easy, however, many monsters such as skulls and monsters heads or Moais will prevent him for doing so. These enemies won’t kill the emperor directly on contact, but they will instead push him toward fires or over the edge of platforms. If this happen this will result in a loss of a life.

However, the player can collect the wine grapes items for points and power-ups. Collecting them will transform the Emperor temporarily, switching from a tunic and laurel guy to a full-fledged Roman Warrior with armor and helmet. In this mode, the emperor can destroy the enemies by jumping on their heads, and gains additional bonus points.

The interesting thing about Pandora’s Palace is you don’t get up to the top of the screen to finish like a typical platformer- you race to the bottom! This game also introduces the Moais for the first time- a character that will show up in many Konami’s shooters.

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Look-  a new game in the arcade!


Enough of the history lesson- let’s get to the bottom of this platformer!

Sadly, like Megazone before it- there were no home ports. Konami- please release these games on a modern console. You can play these via emulation.



Did you ever play Pandora’s Palace? Did you ever get the demons back in Pandora’s Box?

Let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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