Konamitober- I love Roc N’ Rope- So put another quarter in the coin slot, baby!

Hey Arcaders!

The second game in the “Interlogic Kit Trilogy” is in my top 10 favorite classic arcade games of all time- and my favorite platformer next to old DK… well, I don’t need to tell you about it- because I already have! head on over to that post to get a play by play of every level! This is the game that introduced a new way to climb around- It’s Roc N’ Rope!

Your player is a mountain climber who must avoid cavemen, dinosaurs and pterodactyls as he climbs up the cliff-sides. Your goal in each level is to climb up and reach a mystical bird with great plumage, while staying one step above the bonus timer which determines how long you may stay on each level. The mountain climber has only one ability; to shoot rope at 45 degree angles which he may then climb up to other platforms. His other action is a stun beam which will allow him to walk past enemies who get too close; but will only work horizontally from him. As for power-ups, on each level is (usually 2) a flashing diamond power-up which will make him invincible and allow him to defeat monsters. Also as a power-up are glowing treasures of some kind which are worth extra points.

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Roc N rope is another conversion kit- Install it in your vertical cabinet and you’re ready to go!


Now- let’s get to climbing!




Most ports were done by Coleco- and the play very well!


The Atari 2600 version even includes the music! I think it’s a better port than DK for the same system.


But- if you want to play Roc N’ Rope on any system- you gotta play it on the Playstation. It’s on the Konami Arcade Classics disk!


Watch this vid to see the game in action!


It was even ported to the Nintendo DS for on the go play!


And here’s the rare Casio Pv-2000 version!

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It was even a featured game in episode 95 of Starcade!

Be sure to go over to starcade.tv to watch more fantastic episodes from this historic gameshow!



Did you ever play Rock N’ Rope? did you ever fly away on the mystical Bird of Paradise?

Let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


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