Konamitober- The first sequel- Super Cobra!

Hey Arcaders!

Scramble was Konami’s first hit, and it needed a sequel. so, a few months later in 1981, they gave us the tough as nails Super Cobra!

The player controls a helicopter through tight caverns, and the slightest misstep will result in the loss of a life. However, unlike Scramble, the game can be continued where the player left off by adding more credits and pressing FIRE (One of the first arcade games to have a continue).

The joystick accelerates, decelerates, moves up, and moves down. The helicopter uses a laser and bomb to destroy defenders, tanks, and UFOs while infiltrating 10 Super Cobra defense systems.

The ship has a limited fuel supply, which is depleted over time. More fuel can be acquired by destroying fuel tanks in the game.

The game is divided into ten sections, plus a finale, each with a different style of terrain and different obstacles. Players navigate through ten levels and a base, where they must safely make it through the level and remove the booty.


Another classic Stern cabinet.



Let’s see what it takes to get to the end and get the booty!

Missiles that shoot ON AN ANGLE? Moving tank turrets that FOLLOW YOU? This is Scramble turned up to1000! You can see the things that will inspire Gradius  six years later.


There were plenty of ports on many systems back in the day- thanks to Parker Brothers.



Champ Games made an amazing port for the 2600 in 2019! Check this out!


You can now play the arcade original on your modern systems through the Arcade Archives. No relation.


Have you ever Played Super Cobra? Have you ever get to the end and grabbed the booty?

Let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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