Konamitober Begins!

Hey Arcaders!

You feel that? It’s getting cooler outside! The leaves are changing colors- reds, oranges, yellows, and browns… making the the trees look like a beautiful quilt! Pumpkins and hay bales are everywhere! The days are shorter!  Ya’ know what?  It’s a great time to hunker down where it’s warm, and play some video games!

It must be Konamitober!

What’s Konamitober, you ask? It’s October, with a Konami twist! We will hit some Konomi history, favorite games, and some surprises too!

What is your favorite Konami memories or game? let us know in the comments!

One comment

  1. For me it’s the first two TMNT games for the NES. To this day the overall game design, the music-everything was just polished so well. I didn’t get a chance to play any other Konami title until I played Contra 3 on my cousin’s SNES, and then when I got my Wii that’s when I got to *really* experience some good Konami goodness from classics like Gradius and Castlevania. 🙂😀

    But that’s what I like about this-getting to relive memories of these classics and in some cases getting to experience these titles and seeing why they’re held in high esteem. 😁🤓


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