Raygunn is having …Technical difficulties.

Hey Arcaders!

So… something kinda ” came up” this week ( really starting a couple of weeks ago) that unfortunately has put a halt to a few things on the site- I was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Believe me- I was shocked! But over 40 years of eating junk food without much difficulty ( that has to be a record, right?) Something had to give. I’ve been in the hospital for three days- I’m doing better. But now- I have reprogram decades of bad habits. So, for a bit, I’m going to be a little slower than I have been ( Capcom Summer will be reconfigured into a long term peice) but rest assured- nothing is keeping RayGunn down for long!!!

Thanks Arcaders for being there! I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!!!

I’m old!!!

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