Coming soon- Capcom Summer

Hey Arcaders!

The mid 1980s were a fast changing time in the Arcades. Some could not shake the game crash- and closed. the Bigger ones survived and saw the next evolution of the arcade experience- The JAMMA standard pinout for all games- where all power, video, sound, and controls were the same for all games. Which brought the next big change- the CONVERSION KIT. No longer did you have to buy a new game in a new cabinet- but by putting a new board, new controls, and new graphics for the cabinet- voilà you had a new game for your arcade- for a fraction of the cost.

And one of the companies leading the charge on the kit front- was CAPCOM. A virtual unknown in 1984, their first game was a shoot em’ up called  VULGUS. And it was tough as nails.

But, their next games- 1942 and Commando would really put them on the map!

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So I thought- starting in July, and running though September, let’s take a look back at the beginning of Capcom- the lesser known and overlooked arcade games, the way the revolutionized the two player fighting genera, their home invasion starting on the NES, and more!

So join us for taking a look back this…

Keep Playin like it’s 1981.

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  1. Looks like summer’s about to get a whole lot cooler here at the Archives Capcom-style, and I am here for it! 😀🏖 🌞😎🎮👾🕹


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