ARCADE MEMORIES… Castle Park in Riverside, Ca- 1980’S.

Hey Arcaders!

The arcades of the mid/late 70s through the 80’s is where I grew up, socialized, worked, and learned. To someone who wasn’t there, it would be hard to understand what it was truly like. So, when there was pictures taken, or more importantly, videos made- it makes me so happy. There wasn’t a lot of media taken of arcades- because of copyright issues, arcade companies didn’t allow media to be recorded often back then.

Castle Park, formerly Castle Amusement Park, is a 25-acre amusement park and family amusement center located in Riverside, California. The park utilizes a medieval “castle” theme and includes attractions such as a miniature golf course, arcade, and 22 amusement rides including two roller coasters such as Merlin’s Revenge, a junior rollercoaster, and Screamin’ Demon, a spinning Wild Mouse rollercoaster. The main “castle” themed building, houses the arcade as well as its only dark ride, “Ghost Blasters”, an interactive attraction, designed by Sally Corporation, which can also be found at other amusement parks throughout North America. The park was designed, built and operated by Bud Hurlbut, who designed several rides at Knott’s Berry Farm. Castle Park is currently owned and operated by Palace Entertainment.

This is such a fun video. The chandelier is a awesome 70s touch. but my favorite scene is of the Boom Ball machines. Think- Skeeball with air cannons. Sounds fun, right? I had a row of 10 of em’ at The Great Escape back in the… long time ago. Before that- They were in one of my favorite movies-


(really- if you haven’t seen this classic yet… WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?)


Enough of the Jibber Jabber… ROLL THAT BEAUTIFUL ARCADE FOOTAGE!!!


If you want to check em’ out- go to their website-

So- what do you think? Did you frequent arcades in your youth? Do you have any pictures or video of your arcade experience? let me know in the comments! Let us share your story in the arcade!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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  1. It’s always a treat seeing these memories Ray. And who knew there was a game that was a fusion of Skee Ball and a shooting game?

    Now I need to see “Midnight Madness”! 😀


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