Arcade Memories… Employee films Aladdin’s Castle arcade in the 1980’s.

Hey Arcaders!

The arcades of the mid/late 70s through the 80’s is where I grew up, socialized, worked, and learned. To someone who wasn’t there, it would be hard to understand what it was truly like. So, when there was pictures taken, or more importantly, videos made- it makes me so happy. There wasn’t a lot of media taken of arcades- because of copyright issues, arcade companies didn’t allow media to be recorded often back then.

So, I thought I would start a new series- Arcade Memories. To display any pictures and videos for all Arcaders to enjoy.

Let’s start off with this video- It was taken by an employee of Aladdin’s Castle some time in the early 1980’s- I figure around 1983 judging by the games.

So- let’s roll that beautiful arcade footage!

Thanks to Jon Exidy Jamshid for sharing.

So- what do you think? Did you frequent arcades in your youth? Do you have any pictures or video of your arcade experience? let me know in the comments! Let us share your story in the arcade!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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