Hey Arcaders!

In the early days after Donkey Kong was released to the world, there were a lot of arcade and home console companies that wanted in on the Kong sized profit! This series will focus on these lesser known games. weather it’s an original game, or a Kong bootleg, we will be touching base with these games that Kong forgot!

Now, this game is one of the granddads of platformers, came out a year before Donkey Kong… and there were no platforms in sight! So- what if the platforms were in the building… what do you do?

…You climb the building, that’s what! That’s why this game is called…

Crazy Climber was a platformer arcade game that came out in 1980 by Nichibutsu in Japan, and Taito in the US.

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Each cabinet was unique to it’s territory. There was even a caberet style in the US!

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What makes this game so unique for it’s time was it’s control panel. It has two start buttons, and two joysticks.

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Those are your hands. use them to climb up, or to strafe left and right as windows open and close.

Watch out! The tenants aren’t happy you are out there-

and throw stuff out the window to hit you!


 A giant  bird flies around the building, laying eggs (and something else)

making sure you get scrambled!

Dumb bells, electric signs, and girders fall all over! Even King Kong

makes an appearance to knock you off!

Get to the top- reach the chopper- and fly to the next building-

everyone of them tougher than the last!

There were quite a few home ports of this amazing game- check em’ out!

The Atari version was an exclusive in the Atariage magazine (The Atari fanclub monthly publication)

… And the fantastic Bandai tabletop game!

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There are so many ports of this game (including  Japanese imports for the PlayStation 1&2) – check em’ all out!!  Also- give the arcade game a try!!!

What did you think of Crazy Climber? You love it? hate it? let me know in the comments!!!

And as always- Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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