Hey Arcaders!

Who hasn’t walked into an arcade to see that cool dual gun game that’s everyone has to try- or liked so much, that’s all they want to play? There’s a particular genre of gun game we ALL love- the Rail Shooter! I think that in its most pure form- we are only allowed to see what the designer wants us to see-like a classic dark ride- and that attracts us all to these awesome games! Josh, Danny, and I sat down to talk about some of our favorites! There are so many to choose from- we may have to visit this part of the arcade again!

Ray’s games-

Operation Wolf-

Space Gun-

Rail Chase 2-


Rail Chase 2 was done on the Sega Model 2 hardware- It uses polygons. the original Rail Chase used the Sega Y Board- similar to the first  Jurassic Park game that used scaling sprites (both great games- I prefer Rail Chase 2 over Rail Chase.)


Danny’s games-

Punisher for the NES-


Area 51-

Jurassic Park 3-


Josh’s Games-

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade-


Time Crisis-


Let’s Go Jungle!


So- What’s you favorite rail shooter? let us know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like it’s 1981!

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