PAC-MAN 99 is coming to Nintendo Switch

Battle royals games have been popping up a lot lately like Super Mario 35 and Tetris 99. Now we have a new one courtesy of Namco and Nintendo called PAC-Man 99. For those not familiar with battle royale games they are usually online exclusive multiplayer games that features you fighting against other players trying to see who could outlast who. For this game you play a traditional game of PAC-man, with a few additional power ups as well as a few other tweaks, against 99 other players to see who can last the longest. The game is free to play for anyone who has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription however you can purchase themes base on other classic Namco games like Dig Dug, Galaga, and Rally-X and modes to add on to the base game. The game will be released tomorrow April 7th, on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop. How much are YOU excited for this new PAC-Man game?