Coming Soon… The 80’s Cable Fodder Review!!!

Hey Arcaders!

Did you grow up in the 1980’s? It was an amazing time be a kid! We had lots of things to make us happy- the mall, the arcade, video games at home, and our VCRs always kept us entertained! All of these things were so new back then- but one of the best innovations of that decade was the advent of cable TV. Although cable TV really started in the mid 1970’s, it was a very niche luxury then- few areas in the US had the ability to get cable TV into every home, and where it was, it was very basic, and because it was so small, it could be too expensive for most back then.

But the advent of specialty channels dramatically changed all of that. With more pay channel choices, cable companies could grow, add different packages, and keep the basic cable low enough that many people got rid of their rabbit ears in the early 1980’s (if you don’t know what rabbit ears are- ask a grandparent.) Sometimes your family got lucky and filter on the pole would crack- letting you hear (the picture was scrambled MOST of the time) the channels you didn’t have! Or even better- the FREE PREVIEW WEEKENDS!

I was lucky enough to get the pay channels in the early 80’s. The first thing you would notice- most pay channels weren’t 24 hours. Crazy, huh? The other, was- most didn’t have original content. Just movies. Some channels would through in a sporting event or two a month. So you watched a lot of movies. most were from the mid to late 70s. Usually first run movies had to wait about a year before they would hit cable channels. It was amazing. Some movies were on SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! I think that’s why movies of that era are so fondly remembered.

So I thought- why don’t I start a article series where I would reminisce about the movies I grew up with? That I watched so often, I think they play in my head still to this day! Is it still good? or just good to me? We are going to find out. and you’re going along the ride! With my good friend Jerrold- we’ll be reviewing these classics in no time!

Until then, enjoy more free weekend fun!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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