Super Nintendo World News- Construction Resumes on Epic Universe- Orlando’s Home Of Super Nintendo World!

Hey Arcaders!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled super Nintendo World News- with some breaking news-

Epic Universe starts construction again!

You know what that means…

Is on the way!!!

After almost a year due to the pandemic, construction is starting back immediately, and ramping up in the next few months!

The new park will bring an estimated 14,000 new jobs to Central Florida well as the thousands during construction- which is great news to all of us here in the Orlando area!

While it looks like the park’s opening has been backed up to 2025, I feel this is amazing news for all of us that were loosing all hope that the new park was being scrapped. I can wait for as long as it takes to have Super Nintendo World down the street!

What do you think? Are you super excited that Epic Universe is a go again? Are you sad that it’s been delayed a bit longer? Let Us know in the comments!

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