Homebrew Spotlight- Donkey Kong Jr. For The Intellivision!

Hey Arcaders!

Donkey Kong Jr is one of my favorite games! Like several arcade ports at the time, they were not the best. But, Jr’s game was the worst- just look at these!

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The Coleco ports in particular. The rumor was- they were made bad, so the player would want a Colecovison system. But honestly, the Donkey Kong games have a lot of details- that would be difficult (if not impossible) at the time- given the rigorous time restraints the programmers were under to crank out product. Such a game was the version of Donkey Kong Jr. for Intellivision. You really had to use your imagination to play this and SEE your favorite arcade game in this-

Fast forward to 2021, where homebrew programmers take their time and passion for these games, and create new versions of our favorite arcade games that we wish we could have seen in our youth.

and now we have a new version of Donkey Kong Jr. for Intellivision. is it good? let’s find out!

The  reviews for both games were done by Arcade USA– He does amazing video reviews- Go check him out on his YouTube channel! and if you want a copy- Check out the Intellivision Revolution website!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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