Happy 10th Anniversary To The Arcade Archives!!!

Well, Arcaders-

Here we are.

I cant believe- 10 years ago, February 1st,  at about 6:30pm, I turned the lights on for the FIRST TIME. The Arcade Archives had been in my head at that point for a few years. But the time was right at that moment to get things started.

I was in a bad place in my life then- I had just lost my job, things at home were hard, and I was 44 years old. what was I gong to do to pick myself back up?  The one thing I knew was arcade games. It was my occupation my whole adult life. So, it dawned on me one day- Why don’t I start something I can document my life in the arcades, in video games, and see what happens?

Thus the idea- and the site- were born. The first few years, it was just me. Then, something amazing happened. I got a position at DisneyQuest. My life changed forever. I met an amazing group of friends- that are still there today. I decided to bring them in on the fun. And things were awesome! we started a sister site, and were cranking out content! We were being noticed by our peers and friends in the geek community!

You know what happens, when things look up, something happens that changes your life forever. In 2014, I got the news that I had stage 3 colon cancer. That was probably the worst news I had ever received. After surgery, and six months of chemo, I was here, but I was slower. But my family, friends, and fellow Arcaders out there helped me slowly get back. I’m still a bit slower than I used to be, but one of the things that kept me going, was this site. And all of you.

We have had ups and downs at the site- writers coming and going, podcasts starting and stopping, our sister site sits with no new posts since 2016. But- We’re still here. Thanks to all of you, we continue to strive to give you the best content we can.

So, here we are – 2021. This year, while continuing to give you the best in content only the Archives can, we will also be looking back on our past- interviewing the people who got us here, looking at the ideas they brought to the table, and spotlighting some of those great moments that got us here.

So- From the bottom of an old 8 bit Arcader’s heart, Thank you. Thank you for your time. even if it was just for a moment- it means everything to me.

So, I’ll end this post, as I have for 10 years-

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981.

Thanks again.


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