Pokemon The Movie 2000 20th Anniversary

In keeping with the 20th birthday of certain films, it seems there is yet another film that has hit that milestone, and it is none other than the second film in the Pokemon anime, and that is Pokemon The Movie 2000!

But first, let’s see what was at the end of the first film post-credits:

Now up to this point there had only been the first film Pokemon: The First Movie, but to my 15-year old self, it slipped my mind that that film was only the start of several movies to come, and with this film boy was I blown away, because this one was definitely different from the first. This one had a larger scope, where the secondary characters were more interesting than before, the stakes were a lot higher, and even our usual bumbling antagonists found themselves stepping up and helping our heroes out.

But perhaps one of the best surprises about this movie is the music. The themes used in the film are very reminiscent of what many films both animated and live-action did during the 80s and 90s (a trend that sadly seemed to end shortly after this). The fact that even Donna Summer got involved in the making of the soundtrack along with songwriter/producer David Foster (whose own track record consists of the soundtrack for the movie St. Elmo’s Fire as well as countless other songs for Celine Dion, Michael Buble, etc.) should tell you the quality of talent involved, and a soundtrack that holds up remarkably well.

(But I really have to ask, why didn’t they do a music video for “The Power of One”? They did one for M2M’s “Don’t Say You Love Me” for the previous Pokemon film.)

In a nutshell, put all those elements together and you have yourself a grand adventure that is truly worthy of a cinematic experience.

So if you have not seen the film, fear not, for there’s many ways to do so, whether it be from iTunes or the 3 disc Blu-Ray set that has the first three films.

And when you watch the film, you will definitely believe in the tag line that one person can indeed make all the difference, even one who seems the least likely of all.