Pac-Man Fever live stream on Friday with the king of Pac-Man Fever- Jerry Buckner!!!

The big day is almost here! On Friday, May 22nd, it will be 40 Years since the Big yellow guy was released into arcades- and our hearts! And to celebrate that occasion, Jerry Buckner will be doing a live stream with lots of surprises! Here’s the skinny from the man himself!

We want to invite everyone to our Pac-Man Fever Zoom video and interview session that will be live streamed on Friday, May 22 celebrating Pac-Man’s 40th birthday anniversary. You can access it at 12:00 noon EST on our website at

It’s a very special video that will include Gary (Garcia) who will be synched up with me from a live performance we did in 1982, along with the original musicians who played on the Pac-Man Fever sessions.

We will also be doing a live segment before and a Q&A session afterward.

We hope to see you there – Remember, this coming Friday, May 22nd at 12:00 noon EST at👍😎

I will be listening- I hope you do the same!!!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!!!