Pac-Memorabilia-The Pac-Phone!


Hey Arcaders!

Are you enjoying Pac-Man Month? I am! So Many memories! Which brings me to the next stop on our Pac-journey… all the Pac-Man stuff that came out! It spans decades! There’s even new stuff coming out now! So let’s take a look at something now…

The Pac-Man telephone!

I had one of these!

There have been LOTS of specialty phones-

like this-


or this one-


this one was big in the 80s-


or this-


Even This guy had his own…


But the Pac-Man phone I loved. It was small, and you’d open his mouth to dial and answer!


I wish I had my Pac-Man phone still- It’s been lost to the ages…

But here’s a review over at Geekcade! check it out!

Pac-Tastic! What do you think of the Pac-Phone? Would you use it today? Let me know in the comments!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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