A New Song From Buckner & Jones- At The Old Arcade!


It’s funny how things happen- I just posted Jerry and Gary’s video from American Bandstand in 1982, when I see this on Facebook. I had to share!

From Jerry’s Facebook page- “To mark the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man I have teamed up with my friend Danny Jones to write and record a new song called “At The Old Arcade.” It features Danny on lead and back vocals. He and his partner Mike Stewart worked on the original Pac-Man Fever album and the re-recorded version with Gary and I and have been close friends ever since. With Gary’s passing in 2011 Danny stepped in and sang lead vocals on “Wreck-It Wreck-It Ralph” the theme song we recorded for Disney’s classic movie Wreck It Ralph. The song is about friends and relationships hanging out in the arcades back in the 80’s. It was great time for those who lived through it. Hope you enjoy the song!”

You guys sound great! How about another arcade album- please?

Let Jerry know how much you like the new song in the comments section, as well as his Facebook page and Youtube channel

From this old Arcader to another- Thanks for helping keep the arcade lights on, my friend.

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981.

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