Power Rangers Reboot Teaser


“This was a different kind of show.”

That was the mindset many cast members had when they worked on the show, and in a lot of ways, Power Rangers really was.

And from its heyday during the early to mid-90s, Power Rangers was truly a show that set itself apart from other kid’s shows due to its mixture of action and comedy and with some heartfelt – albeit corny – moments between the characters.


And although we fans – myself included – more than enjoyed what the show was, many of us did eventually outgrow it and moved on to other things.

But even with that, many fans did wonder about Power Rangers from time to time, and as superhero films emerged again towards the beginning of the new millennium, and this time with a more serious tone, fans then began to wonder if it was possible to reinvent Power Rangers in the same vein.

Naturally this idea was shot down by the show’s producers whenever they were asked about it, for they felt that while it was understandable for fans think that way given how successful other superhero films were becoming once again – both critically and commercially – that would not benefit Power Rangers, for to take those characters in a more serious tone would alienate the target audience: children. Not only that, but money would be lost from toy/merchandising sales, which help finance the shows.

And so for a long time after that, the show continued on as usual.

But even despite that, fans still wondered.

Naturally, as the internet evolved there were a few fan-made attempts to reintroduce the Power Rangers – two notable ones in particular as well as an R-rated parody film (now removed from YouTube as of this post), but still nothing official from Saban’s side of things.

Until early of this year when news began to circulate of a Power Rangers reboot film, followed by the official casting of unknown actors in the leads, and then the announcement of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, followed by Bryan Cranston as Zordon, as well as official posters/wallpapers.





But even with all that, fans still weren’t completely sure what to make of it, until October 8 of this year, when an official teaser trailer was finally released, and just before the Power Rangers panel at New York City Comic Con.

Now this goes back to the question fans have always wanted to know: Power Rangers may be known to work best as a campy, cheesy show and as such treating it in a more serious, realistic fashion was impossible, but…what if it could be done?

While it is best to let the teaser speak for itself, don’t be surprised if it gives you the vibe of a certain “brat-pack” film from the 80s. And while the tone is radically different from what’s come before, it still seems to have that vibe of the first season at the same time, which is key to making a film like this work. As the best successful superhero films have shown, success comes if the filmmakers get inside the material, respect it, and build off of that earnestly. And if the filmmakers themselves are fans, well then that’s even better.  And based on the NYCC panel, the director is a diehard fan from the first season.

So in all, here’s hoping that the Power comes back, and in a whole new way both for newcomers and the diehards alike.


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