Skywalking Through Neverland


Hey, Hey Arcaders its Ubernerd here, if you have been around the site long enough you know that I love podcasts. In fact I love them so much that I started 2 of my own. however the inspiration for these podcasts didn’t just come out of the air. I was inspired but several podcasts that I just love to listen to .One such inspirational podcasts is called Skywalking through Neverland. For those who haven’t heard of this podcast Sarah (aka Jedi Tink) and Her husband Richard talk about all things concerning both Star Wars and Disney and the people of fandoms the circle around both. Recently, they came down to Florida for the Star Wars Half Marathon Dark Side Challenge. After the Marathon they had a meet up with their and I got the privilege to go. Not only that but I got to do a small cameo in their discussion of the Marathon. Below is that episode but if you like it and want more please go to

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