Freedom Planet 2 Hype!

If you’ve been around the site for a while you know that I am a big fan of the Indie game Freedom Planet by Galaxy Trail. Just recently Galaxy Trail announced Freedom Planet 2 with a goose bump inducing trailer (see below). Since it’s announcement I’ve have been hungry for any kind of new that I could get. My wish has now been granted by Galaxy Trail by them creating an awesome website just for Freedom Planet 2. In the site you can see all kinds of cool behind the scenes information of Freedom Planet 2 like bios for both new and returning character, a list of the amazing Voice Actors and Actresses that will be voicing the characters, and even some wallpaper for both your phone and your computer. The best part is that they even have merchandise from Freedom Planet including shirts, hats, coffee mugs and more. If you want to see what Freedom Planet is all about then check out my review that I did last year by clicking here and go check it out at


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