Pokémon Rewind – Pokémon 20th Anniversary Special Part One

PKMN 20th Special Part One Logo

Happy 20th anniversary Pokémon! To celebrate Cartoon Connoisseur Theater’s Pokémon Rewind presents a special two part podcast! First, we will hear from some Poké-pals of the podcast including Ubernerd527, Daniel and Kelly from The Reasons I’m Broke Podcast, Sir Luna, and more. Each of these contributors talks about their Pokémon memories. Then Ubernerd is joined by Josh T-Rex and Diana-saur and they go over Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

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Pokémon and all things related belong to The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. Cartoon Connoisseur Theater is a Rebellion Production and is part of The Arcade Archives Network.

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