Pokémon Live!


When Pokémon became a phenomenon the idea of putting it across all other possible forms of media was a given, especially since marketing experts knew what the audiences would want, the trainers and their Pokémon. And while making plush dolls, action figures, trading cards, and even an animated TV show was a given, what would be the most interesting was doing a live show.  Now the idea of doing a live stage show was something else, not to mention tricky since the idea behind that would involve having the Pokémon there on stage with the actors portraying the trainers. Surprisingly enough, with the combined efforts of a group of quite talented people – from the director/choreographer to the puppeteers to the actors themselves, the whole thing was able to be pulled off and quite well. Plus, between using some songs from the TV soundtrack as well as a few original ones written for the live show, both kids and adults were able to enjoy Pokémon on a level that felt familiar, yet new at the same time, and from 2000-2002, audiences were able to thrill to this show tremendously.


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