Pokémon Trainer Tips Part One

Pokemon Trainer Tips Logo

Aracders, we aren’t gonna lie we are super excited for the twenty anniversary of Pokémon this Saturday and the special Pokémon Day that we will be at also on that day. So to get you pumped and excited and to educate those not so knowledgeable about Pokémon (we’re talking to you RayGunn!) The Arcade Archives is proud to present Trainer Tips. We have looked all over the inter-webs to find these the best information and tips for aspiring Pokémon Trainers. The best place to start is the beginning so here is the basics with Pokémon Vocabulary, a video done by The Déx. Now we admit this is a video with some info that maybe a little older but at least it will give you the baics from Pokémon evolution to battling. If you found this helpful please comment below!

Don’t forget that we will be at Krum’s World Comic and Collectibles and Lucky Straws Boba Tea Café on Saturday the 27th to celebrate Pokémon Day. Please let us know you are coming by going to our events page on facebook

PKMN Day Flyer

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