Joysticks Movie Soundtrack- Coming soon!


Hey, Arcaders!

Long time, no speak… Been a little busy as of late- so UBERNERD has been holding the fort for a while (and is doing an amazing job!!!) Let’s begin…

A Long Time Ago… In 1983…

A movie was released, that, well most people didn’t want to see. and that movie was JOYSTICKS!!!!


I was there at opening night, at the Dutchess Mall theater. And I loved it. I always thought this movie was something more than a PORKY’S ripoff- because of the true star of this movie- THE ARCADE!

It was…AMAZING! Unlike most movies of the 1980’s that needed an arcade setting (Go to the mall, film said arcade) They- BUILT THEIR  OWN!!!! That’s right, they built their own arcade, from scratch, in a warehouse in L.A.! and it was awesome!

…But, that’s a story for another time.

We’re here to talk about the soundtrack!

It was never released. Why?  Who knows why.  Poor ticket sales, the director, producers, or distributors of the film not thinking it was necessary-  the list goes on and on.

Flash ahead 33 years later-

Jon and the fine folks at  ECZEMA RECORDS are releasing the official movie soundtrack to this fine film!

You can get it two ways-

Buy the digital download for the sweet price of $9.99- you choose-

  • MP3 (320kbps)
  • iTunes Plus AAC (256kbps)
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC)
  • FLAC

Pre order the JOYSTICKS Vinyl LP + Immediate MP3 Download for $25.00!


Jon sent the Archives a digital copy to review, and I can tell you- it’s amazing  just to hear the music with nothing over it! The album must be from the masters because they are flawless!  The late 70’s / early 80’s vibe is here in this music. The fun and optimism was there for me when I heard “Last Chance For Love” this time, just as it was when I heard it at the end of this movie back in ’83. This album will be playing in my arcade for years to come!!!

Now, as a side by side comparison, here’ the beginning of the film with the Joysticks theme song-

and here’s the soundtrack version-

Its flawless!

I’ll be doing a proper song by song review in the coming days, (also when I purchase the vinyl, we will be doing a video review!) and may be Jon could even answer some questions…

If that’s peaked you interest, head over to ECZEMA RECORDS and get you copy NOW!!!

Thanks to everybody over at  ECZEMA RECORDS for the tunes!!!!!

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