Video Game Boom Box Halloween Edition: Luigi’s Mansion Theme

Video Game Boom Box Halloween

Luigi’s Mansion Theme – Luigi’s Mansion

Okay, okay I admit this pick was technically an easy pic and yes I said no horror games. However I don’t consider Luigi’s Mansion to be a horror game because it’s not in the same vain as Resident Evil, Left 4 dead, or even Five Nights at Freddy’s. I think of it more like The Haunted Mansion ride at the Disney Parks then a flat out horror game. Coincidentally, in some respects this theme does resemble The Haunted Mansion to a degree. Most importantly the very haunting music is what sets the mood for the game itself. I have found multiple versions of the theme but some of the more eerie ones tend to be the one with Luigi humming the tune to himself, presumably while walking through the mansion. The other is from the Smash Bros. 4 version which starts off with a music box sound. Which begs this question who decided that a music box was scary?


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