Cartoon Connoisseur Theater – 私たちのお気に入りの漫画パート1

CCTP Anime

最後に、ここであなたを待っているポッドキャストです!待たどうもありがとうございますと…なぜあなたは変な顔することを作っていますか?私はあなたが私を理解していないことができると思い、残念私は英語に切り替えてみましょう…Is that better? You can understand me now, right? Good, anyways the podcast you’ve been waiting for is finally here! That’s right we talk about nothing but Anime in this podcast, our favorites to be precise. Don’t forget that this is only part one of all the wonderful Anime stuff we will be talking about.

We also want to take a minute and remind you especially if you’re into Anime that MetroCon will be coming soon to the Tampa Bay area and we’re going to be there! So if you want to learn more about it or buy your tickets head on over to  

Also in case you missed the last post here again are the free Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Anime wallpapers!

anime wallpaper anime

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