May Loot Crate Unboxing

lootcrlogo copy


I have to say this Loot Crate wasn’t bad. I known so people weren’t thrilled with this one but there were a few things I really liked! This months theme was united! I would have liked to see a bit more variety, I mean there were 3 Marvel items in the box!


This month I think I’m going to start with the shirt! Now I’m not really a Power Rangers fan but I do like the shirt! It’s pretty cool. I do like the green and white ranger mash up theme. Especially since Tommy was both Rangers!


Avengers ice cube tray was something my kitchen was in desperate need of! This is just the thing for party fun in Florida!! I also think because they are silicon I can use them to make candy as well!!


An Avengers window decal is something my car really needed!! I mean my car is a huge rolling nerd shrine! I mean its like Comic Con rolling by! I do wish this had a bit of color to it so it showed up more.


As you recall I told you this box was loaded with Marvel items! I wish there had been a bit of DC items or something else. But these are pretty cool shoe laces! I bet they will look awesome when I get new sneakers this weekend.


This was a comic inside that I know nothing at all about. I suspect this is more of a kid comic so I’m sure my grandson will like it.


There was also a copy of Mad magazine which was weird because I didn’t realize they were still in print. This was as close to DC as we were getting in this Crate.


This was great because I got some fun pins and free game play! I’m always a fan of game play! I haven’t played this one yet but it’s on my list. I personally love the pink unicorn!


I’m not sure how Rick and Morty fits in this crate! I do kinda feel like we had this crap lying around so lets throw it in there! I like the themes to a point but sometimes they either don’t make sense or  it screws up the crate.


As always you get a pin and a booklet. I always enjoy the booklets they have neat articles and interviews in it. I’m hoping for more next month sometimes I’m a bit disappointed! Although this month had some cool fun stuff I just don’t always feel like it’s worth it.

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