Spooky Empire’s May-Hem Featuring Halloween Extreme Review


Ok kiddies let the fun begin!!! Remember as always Spooky Empire is a horror con so it you freaked out by that sort of thing this review isn’t for you!! This photo was before I went to see The VaudeVillians. If your interested in what they are all about you should check out there review on Zowie Kerpowey! It is a more mature show so it’s not intended for our younger readers.


Let’s start with my personal highlight of the weekend!! Meeting the incredible Ernie Hudson. This was one of the things I was most looking forward too. He is incredibly nice and sociable with his fans. It wasn’t one of those things where your item gets autographed and you get rushed through. He not only spoke with me for a few minutes but also came around the table to visit with Asher in his stroller. This is going to be one of the prize pieces of my collection.


Camille Keaton was also just lovely! You might know her from I Spit on you Grave. Asher hasn’t seen that one but he enjoyed her company! It’s becoming a tradition where he is getting photographed with at least one celebrity per con! I think we should start them out young he had a fantastic time. I mean there are something things I wouldn’t suggest for a kid but everything else is fantastic.


Day one is always a blast. This year it was a day of the dead themed opening market. Out in the pool area! This is great for vendors that couldn’t get space in the vendor room. Its also something that is open to the public so if you are short on cash and want to enjoy some of the things at Spooky this is something for you to check out. Note the terrifying inflatable clown!! That thing freaked me out, but then again I don’t like clowns even though I’m friends with some.


Lets take a minute to talk about the amazing vendors that come to the shows. First there is the Bubba the Redneck Werewolf! If you haven’t seen it you are doing yourself an injustice! It’s awesome!

Next is Coffee Shop of Horrors! There coffee is outstanding! My personal favorite might be Black Dog but I also love some Grave Dirt as well. They offer a perfect pick me up!

I didn’t get a lot of photos of the vendors but there were a ton of amazing artists there as well and other great shops you might want to check out. Such as Mark Hadley, Cemetery Prints, and Chronic Damage.


There were several demonstrations and workshops going on through out the weekend. This one is one of the FaceOff ones. Sadly I didn’t get to see all of them but watching them work was amazing. Its amazing what they can do in such a short time. I hope there is more of this in the future.


Notice the distance I’m keeping from Thug who is one of the clowns from the Morphstore. If your in central Florida they are the place to go to get your prosthetics. They are a bunch of great guys and their products are top quality for a good price.


I didn’t get a lot of photos of cosplayers but for some reason the ones I did get were all clowns!! I know but look how cute they are! I still want to have nightmares!


Did I mention we also had knights?? Medieval Times knights were out and about reminding us that chivalry still exists. If you haven’t seen one of there shows you should check them out. I’ve gone a couple times and I love it.


This dashing creature is the Kilted Creature!! I’m very disappointed I didn’t get to see him actually preform but several people I know raved about it. He did look really cool although I’m sure his costume was hot.


I bet you thought I forgot about Halloween Extreme but I didn’t!! One thing I do want to say I wish there would have been a little more of the props but I think with this being the first combined show they were testing the waters.


There were so many amazing things that I wanted to buy and add to my collection. I brought home a ton of cards. For things I want to buy. The work put into these items were fantastic.


Oh look more clowns!! I just wish I could have taken everything home I mean there was so much!


I can’t wait until October I’m already going thru withdrawals!! Now for the people that go every year to every show the venue will be different in October Spooky will be at it’s new home the Hyatt Regency on International Drive. It’s also going to be a little later in the month it will be over Halloween Weekend!!!! Also one star has been announced so far Neve Campbell of Scream will be join us!!


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