Cat Mask By KeiraCosplay Review


As you can see the masks from KeiraCosplay have a great shape to them. They aren’t just flat pieces. This masks will give your cosplay some definition. I like that they are very light weight as well. Nothing worse then a heavy mask on your face.


As you can see she takes the time to shape and form the mask so your cosplay looks great! The masks do come with an elastic cord as well. You will notice I haven’t added it yet, because I want to try it with glue first. I think it should actually work perfectly that way.


As you can see the mask will fit perfectly and it looks amazing on. Mind you it needs to be secured, but it still looks great. The prices are also really good for the quality you receive.  There are several different styles you can choose from for $12 each. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the pieces you need for your cosplay. I would definitely recommend KeiraCosplay for you mask needs!

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