Fleece Pokéball Plushies by Ariaera

wpid-20150412_230133.jpg Ariaera is a wonderful store that carries art, cosplay and more! Her plush Pokeballs are amazing. They are the perfect addition to an Ash Ketchum cosplay! There also a great addition to your Pokemon collection.


As you can see the color of the fleece is the perfect color for a Pokeball. The stitching is also tight and strong so if you play with it by throwing it around you don’t have to worry about the stitching breaking. Trust me I abused the poor thing, but you know what it still looks great!

wpid-20150412_230151.jpg I love how it is complete from every angle. Sometimes people will do a solid color on the back which is ok if you are just using it as a display piece but not for cosplay. I also like that it’s not super hard, it’s a nice squishy plushy. So if you use it during a cosplay and feel inclined to throw it at a Pokemon, it wont hurt.


Ariaera has a lot of great things in her shop including felt hats. The Pokeballs come in a variety of colors and sell for $5. All of her prices are reasonable. Your also getting quality work which is what’s important. She also packages your items very nicely as well, it shows she cares about her products.

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