Large Comic Bow and Small Spider Bow with Googly Eyes by Geek Chic Accessories

wpid-20150411_232635.jpgGeek Chic Accessories carries bows and other wonderful geeky accessories. This is everything that arrived in my package. I had two wonderful bows and a superhero pin pack.

wpid-20150411_232643.jpgThis is a close up of the bows they are wonderful. The colors are so bright. The bows come in the two sizes, small and large. I love the option for 2 different sizes. Some stores you are stuck with just one size bow. So you can’t get the size that you need.

wpid-20150411_232701.jpgThis one has a fantastic comic pattern on it.Which is wonderful for Con season. It is wonderfully crafted so that its the perfect accessory to your outfit. I also feel like this is one that you could wear on a daily basis.

wpid-20150411_232819.jpgAs you can see it looks so cute on the side but it’s also a good size to clip on the back of your head above a pony tail as well. Although I do like the small bow as well I think this one adds the flashy pop that I love to have.

wpid-20150411_232711.jpgThis bow is cute as anything. I tend to craft a lot but I’ve never thought to add eyes to a hair bow. This is an awesome idea she had. It adds a quirky fun to a spooky style hair bow. I also really like the green coloring of this bow with the red eyes. It’s fun and functional.

wpid-20150411_232911.jpgthis one at the same place you can see the sizing difference of the bow. This one is so cute. I love the way it sits. I wish I could have gotten a better photo of the bow. But your able to get an idea of how it looks.

wpid-20150411_232721.jpgThe back of the bows have these little slide on clips so they are quick and easy to put in your hair. They are also easy to remove they don’t get caught in your hair. They are amazing. I have thin hair but a lot of it and it’s wonderful having hair clips that don’t get stuck in your hair. The pricing on these bows aren’t bad either between $5.50 and $7.

wpid-20150411_232649.jpgAlso if you place an order if Geek Chic Accessories, at check out use the coupon code “Superheros” you will get a free Superhero pin pack. There are tons of designs to choice from in the store. I’m sure you will find something that is perfect for you.

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