Zelda Majoras Mask Skin Decal By Yoonek Graphics


Yoonek Graphics have an amazing line of geek related decals that you can use on your laptop, car, or anywhere really! As you can see this is a very detailed Majoras Mask, I had it done in purple to match my car.


The coloring on the graphics are very clear and vibrant. It also peels away from the backing easily; there isn’t a struggle like you find with some. There is also great detailing even with it just being in one color.


As you can see it looks great on the car as well. Even with it having a clear boarder it stands out beautifully even in the Florida sunlight. Its also a great addition to my car. The price isn’t over priced either like they are in some shops. Graphics start at $4.99 and go up to around $10.00. If Zelda graphics aren’t your thing there are plenty of others to choose from. Personally I love the vibrant colors and the clarity of their graphics, I would highly recommend Yoonek Graphics.

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