Geek Fuel March Unboxing

ravengeek copy


This months box was great! Although I do tend to believe that Geek Fuel is one of the best monthly box subscriptions out there. There Geeky Goodness is always top of the line and if I had to cut back to one a month this is the one I would keep.


I love when there are mini posters and art work in the boxes! This one is a lot of fun! I love that it’s a little bit of Star Wars art for my wall. I have tons of stuff like this through out my house. I feel sorry for any guy who thinks I will grow out of this!


Next up is Dragon Glass. For those of you that are fans of Game of Thrones you  know this comes in handy if you have to deal with White Walkers! This is the only thing that can kill them. The booklet has a whole thing about killing White Walkers as well so this is a cool little item.


I found a Spock “Live, Long, Prosperous” pin in the box! This is now a part of my camera case.


These are Warmachine stickers and there is a code on the back for online play. I know I have said this before but I like the virtual items as much as the ones I can hold in my hands. This gives me a new game to try out.


There is also a Game of Thrones comic. I’m not sure but I think this one is an exclusive cover. I am starting to get a nice collection of these with my other comics. Well the ones my son doesn’t steal.


This is a Gears of War energy drink! Personally I feel this might be a heart attack in a can but it is a cool can. I didn’t try this because my body isn’t a fan of energy drinks so I gave it to my son. He couldn’t resist drinking this energy drink. He said it was really good. He was disappointed that he can’t get anymore of these. But he at least got to rub it in his friends face he had one and they didn’t. So that made him happy.


This was the shirt hidden at the bottom of the box! It was an awesome Iron Throne mash ups. I think the Zelda one maybe my favorite but the rest are pretty awesome as well. I’m starting to accumulate a large tee shirt collection which I love!!

I hope you all enjoyed this months box as much as I did I look forward to next months box of goodies!! It’s like Christmas when it comes in!

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