Loot Crate March 2015 Unveiling

lootcrlogo copy


The first thing I saw when I opened my Loot Crate this month was the shirt! I love the James Bond themed shirt in this special agents crate! I’m sure Bond would be sad if his martini was stirred not shaken! I also feel as though this is Sean Connery not one of the other fake Bonds, especially the blonde Bond!


There was also a Loot Crate paracord bracelet inside the box. These are one of those things I can never have enough of because I’m an avid outdoors women so you never know when you might need to kill it!! Sadly I didn’t get to keep this one my son claimed it as his own!


This is a nifty watch. It is just black rubber bracelet unless you squeeze it, then the time pops up on it. It seems like it’s pretty sturdy. I don’t think it’s water proof and I’m not going to test it out but its a bit different from your everyday wrist watch.


This is the exclusive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D item. There is also a lanyard strap for the badge in case you would like to wear it. I currently have it sitting on my book shelf since I’m trying to figure out what the best way to display it will be. Personally I’m thinking in a frame with the booklet opened. It does say this is an exclusive prop replica. I think it’s awesome but I know a lot of people weren’t thrilled with this item. This maybe an item to get autographed at a Con at a later date!


This is actually two different note books. One has graph paper in it and the other is just regular lined paper. I have note books ever where. I use them for school, blog ideas, etc. I can never have to many but I do currently have several notebooks from my monthly subscriptions.


Sadly you really can’t see this item very well because of the packaging but it’s an Orphan Black comic. It has a Loot Crate exclusive cover which is always cool. That is one thing that keeps me from canceling my subscription and going with other ones! I love all the exclusive items that come in Loot Crate.  I can’t wait to see what next month brings!!

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