Skoshbox Dekabox March Unveiling and Contest!!!!

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I was given the opportunity to try and review one of the Skoshbox Dekaboxes this month! These are such an awesome box, they are filled with Japanese snacks! I love trying snacks from different parts of the world. Some are just amazing but then again some aren’t. It’s like when you got to the Coke thing at Epcot!


The Dekabox is the largest box you can get from Skoshbox. It has twice the amount of treats inside and you can add a mystery novelty to the box was well for an additional $2.


This months novelty is a penguin correction tape. This is so cute and something that I just love. This is currently on my arts and crafts desk. This is a cute way to correct my mistakes!!


Next was Pureal Strawberry Gummies! These had a really strong strawberry smell when I opened the pouch. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this candy but I’m a total foodie and I will try just about anything. The gummies are almost gum drop shaped and pinkish red in color. The texture on them are a little weird but the flavor was really good. You didn’t make you wonder what flavor they are supposed to be they taste like strawberries.


These are Cola Whistling Candy and toy!! These are a lot of fun! You put them in your mouth and blow air through the hole they make a loud whistling noise. These are so more entertaining then they should have been. The toy in mine was a green plastic rose ring which was fun as well. The flavor and texture of these are similar to Willy Wonka’s bottle caps.


Kissming Muscat Grape gum is interesting. I don’t want to say its bad because it’s not it’s just weird to me. It’s a mint and grape flavor. I wouldn’t normally think of adding those flavors.


DYI Kit: Tonton Undoukai is fun. You a get a sheet of grape flavored gum like you used to get in baseball cards with a yellow gum stuff that is a passion fruit or maybe dragon fruit flavored that you use to put the little animals together with and then you can play a game in the box. This stuff tastes really good.


Puchikuma Land cookies with bear faces! This is awesome in theory but maybe not something that should be shipped to FL. The chocolate melted in the package so it didn’t look like bears but it was delish! The cookie is similar to Pocky and the chocolate is yummy too!


Super Cola Gum! I’m sorry to have to say this but it’s gross! LOL It is gum with a sour fizzy powder in the middle that just puckers you up. I didn’t even taste the cola flavor plus is left a vile after taste! I’m so not a fan but I’m glad I tried it!


Picola sticks in Creme Brulee pudding flavor!! These are my favorite thing in the box! They are fantastic.They are like the chocolate hazelnut ones I buy over here at the store for a snack. If you ever get a chance to try these don’t pass it up buy like a dozen boxes!!!


Toppo Biscuit Sticks! These are biscuit sticks with matcha filling. Basically they are cookie sticks with green tea filling. These are different, I never really thought to use green tea in a cookie but they are tasty. These were really good as well and they are light so you don’t have that heavy feeling from them.


You can get a box like this for $10 a month plus shipping for the Regular Skoshbox or $20 a month plus shipping for the Dekabox. This is such a great thing to snack on while your gaming, even with one item I didn’t like I think it’s a great deal.


If you recall I also said there was a contest as well!! We are giving away a Dekabox just like the one I reviewed to one lucky winner! To enter just follow the link below!!

dekabox raffle

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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